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Point Cloud to Bim Modeling: Architectural, Structural And MEP

There are changes which are constant in the construction industry that are positive, and as far as the last decade is concerned, that's been a year of great transformation as so many effective and new techniques have really come into play in this particular field. As far as easing out retrofit projects and renovation is concerned, there has been the technology of laser scanning technique which has really brought a new revolution in the field of Construction.

MEP Modeling

The Technique of laser scanning

As far as the process of laser scanning is concerned, it is there for catching the building data through which there will be point clouds which will surely help the drafters for further analysis, and the teams which are involved in the project will have a greater advantage through it for better planning of a particular site or a structure. As far as the scanning process is concerned, it is very quick and easier as compared to the traditional method, and the dependency on survey technicians also gets reduced to a great extent because the technique of scanning helps the team members a lot to have greater results in a very short period of time. The advantages of laser scanning have been so many, and let’s understand some of the advantages given as follows:

  • There is going to be detailed capturing of building data, and it's possible through all the multiple angles.

  • As far as manual intervention is concerned, it gets reduced so that the overall productivity comes in a great way.

  • This particular scanning process is very much cost-effective.

  • There's going to be quick processing of the data through scanning.

  • As far as the ability to convert a scan into a reverse construction process is concerned, it going to happen, and such processes such as as-built modeling, 3D rendering, construction drawings are possible.

Let’s understand the utilization of Scan to Bim services through

different service disciplines

As far as interiors and exteriors of building along with the site designing are concerned, the scanning can be done in a great way, and they can be converted into detailed 3D models.

There are survey companies which are able to avail the services of Scan to Bim, and they are in the business of retrofit of buildings and renovation. The companies are able to invest in so many scanners, and they're able to get the manual process replaced for profitable projects. Existing design models are created, and other areas are scanned to implement and understand the proposed redesign.

The scanning of the building can be deep to expose beams, connections, columns, foundation slabs etc. These are the structure components that are scanned for the analysis of the existing conditions of any structure or building. This particular scanning is done for determining the changes which are based on the existing structural model. There is also a requirement of engineering inputs from a structural design engineers for a structural discipline. This factor process can also help in saving a lot of time, and at the same time, it is also cost-effective.

This particular modeling helps in understanding the situation which is there at present of the systems of the MEP, and there can also be analysis of the changes that may be needed to be made with the designs which are already in existence. There are a lot of instances where there have been observances that the buildings have so many issues in drainage areas or plumbing areas. Such kinds of as-built models become very beneficial for reconstruction and maintenance purposes.

Final Point

There are companies, and approximately 45% of the survey companies are going for the

investment of laser scan equipment because it has got great benefits to offer to them. These companies have got to invest in the scanners, and as far as the conversion of the point cloud to the Bim process is concerned, it can be outsourced to Bim service providers in India. RVTCAD is one of the best Scan to Bim companies in India which has a great track record of the accomplishments of over 100 projects related to Point Cloud to Bim modeling.

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