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Scan to BIM services

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We use the power of point cloud technology which is required in Scan to Bim services to integrate it with BIM expertise. A set of data points that we can call as a point cloud in a 3D coordinate system is such a process which represents the surfaces of the building which are external. There is no requirement of repeating the visits to the site for taking 3D scanning data because of the reason of thorough analysis of the scanning which takes place by capturing 3D scanned data in great detail through all the angles.

RVTCAD is in the business of providing cost-effective and efficient services related to Scan to Bim, and we have got qualified and in-house experienced staff that actually leverage various tools related to Scan to Bim for the sake of converting laser scan data and Point Cloud into the detailed 3D model. We at RVTCAD are a Bim service providing company in India, Europe, Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The process of this scan to Bim involves the conversion of point cloud data into an intelligent real-time 3D model, and as far as point cloud data is concerned, it can be captured for any physical space which will be available at a particular location. The data which comes out as a result of capturing is utilized for various purposes such as repairing, retrofit, designing, and renovation as well. We have got great experience working with ArchiCAD; hence we are able to get the request from our clients for conversion of point cloud data to ArchiCAD services as well.

We have got the experts in our field whom we can call the Bim model specialists, and they successfully create various Bim models with the help of the point cloud.

There are various sectors nowadays which have been using the system of Scan to Bim model and point cloud scan to BIM has also been in use for a long time, and the people who use these services are architects, main contractors, and retailers from the construction field. There are consulting engineers, MEP designers, MEP contractors who also use point cloud scan to BIM.

The primary advantage of using Scan to Bim is knowing its proficiency to help in the analysis of the differences between the model geometry and point cloud, which can be done by creating native Revit geometry with the help of point cloud.


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What We Create

Why Should you opt for RVTCAD?

We take the help of laser survey data images and point cloud through which we are able to convert points.


The as-built services that we are able to deliver are great as they are delivered by professional land surveyors, licensed architects, and certified scan technicians that we have in our team to work.


The as-built environment is what is expected the most as far as point cloud data usage is concerned, so we are very much capable of using point cloud data to recreate the as-built environment.

Informed decisions are made very quickly as the team that we have are specialists in making decisions with the accurate and complete results which we give through the scanning.

We make sure that clients' expectations are met completely, and because of that, the experienced professionals that we have are experts in the field of 3D scanning, and they are able to very well interpret and capture the data accurately and in a quite comfortable situation.