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As-Built drawing Services

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Our As-Built drawing services provide accurate and detailed plans of your existing building or space

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As-built drawing services.

Rvtcad has been providing high-quality as-built drawing services worldwide for over 8 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide accurate and detailed documentation of existing structures. Our team of experts utilizes the latest AEC advancements in 3D laser hardware, BIM, and CAD software(Autodesk Revit, Autocad, Recap) to deliver reliable as-built surveying, CAD drafting, and BIM modeling services.

We offer a wide range of as-built services to meet the needs of our clients. Our most requested services include floor plans, elevations, Scan to BIM, Revit BIM modeling, Revit MEP, MEP plans, Asbuilt BIM modeling, reflected ceiling plans, 2D sections, CAD to BIM, roof plans, Point cloud to BIM Revit,  building sections, Revit family creation, site plans, and Building Information Models (BIM). We understand that every project is unique, and we work closely with our clients to provide customized solutions that meet their specific needs.

At Rvtcad, we understand the importance of timely and accurate deliverables. Our typical deliverables include CAD DWG files, Revit RVT files, PDF files, and JPG photo files. Our team works diligently to ensure that our clients receive their deliverables on time and within budget.

Our clients come from a variety of industries, including developers, large and small corporations, architects, building owners, real estate holding companies, and homeowners. We have experience working on projects of all sizes and complexities, from small residential renovations to large commercial developments.

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What Are As-Built Drawings and Benefits? 

What Are As-Built Drawings and Benefits? 

In short, As-built drawings, also known as revised drawings or as-builts, are revised sets of drawings submitted by an Architect, engineer, or contractor upon the completion of a construction project. They are an accurate representation of the finished product and reflect any changes or modifications made during the construction process. As-built drawings provide a valuable resource for future renovations or repairs and are an essential part of the project's documentation. They are crucial for maintaining building safety and regulatory compliance and are often required by building codes and regulations.

To start a construction project, plans or shop drawings must be created first. These drawings show the building's details and measurements and need approval before construction can start.

As the project progresses, changes might occur due to obstacles like regulations or material availability. Contractors and subcontractors must adjust their plans accordingly.

Once the project is completed, the contractor will submit as-built drawings, which are the final versions of the plans. These drawings reflect all the modifications made during construction and accurately depict the finished product

As-built drawing should include:

  1. Detailed notes and Dates for any modifications:Keep track of all changes made to the project, including the dates they were made and detailed notes about what was modified.

  2. Require to materials used (Size, type, location, etc.):- Document any changes to the materials used in the project, including changes to the type, size, location, and quantity of materials.: 

  3. Needs to change location of elements including doors, windows,  plumbing, etc.:Note any changes to the location of windows, doors, plumbing, or any other features that were originally planned in the project.

  4. Any obstructions and solutions used: Document any obstructions that were encountered during the project and the solutions used to overcome them.

  5. Changes made after or in response to any inspections: Keep track of any changes made to the project after inspections were conducted, including any modifications that were necessary to bring the project up to code.

  6. Work outside of the original project scope: Document any work that was done outside of the original project scope, including any additional features or modifications that were made.

  7. Final, exact dimensions: Record the final, exact dimensions of the project, including any changes that were made during the construction process.

  8. Design changes: Note any changes made to the original design of the project, including modifications to the layout, features, or aesthetics of the project.

Benefits of As-built drawings and  As-built plans

Benefits of As-built drawings
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As-built drawings give essential documentation that precisely reflects the state of a building or structure following construction or refurbishment. They support future restorations or repairs, help find discrepancies, and guarantee that rules are being followed. By highlighting potential dangers and assisting in maintenance and repair planning, as-built drawings can help improve safety and asset management. As-built drawings help all parties engaged in the construction process communicate more effectively and efficiently by establishing a shared knowledge of the building's status, which ultimately reduces time and costs.

  • Accurate and detailed documentation

  • Quick identification of discrepancies

  • Improved communication among all parties involved in the construction process

  • Time and cost savings

  • Aid in future renovations or repairs

  • Ensuring compliance with regulations

  • Enhanced safety by identifying potential hazards

  • Improved asset management by aiding in maintenance and repair planning

Purpose of As-built documentation

What is purpose of As-built documentation?
As-Built Drawing Services with 3D Laser Scanning for Accurate Building Information Modelin
  • The purpose of as-built documentation is simply to demonstrate what the final result of a particular structure is going to be and whether the final result complies with the contractual clauses or not.

  •  If there is an actual state of the construction, as-built documentation is definitely going to give an updated information mode and it is also going to correspond with the initial or real condition of the construction.

  • Having a reliable starting point is definitely going to work in the future as well and that's what happens when there is already an existence of as-built documentation because it’s going to be great for future maintenance work.

  • As far as protecting and guaranteeing the interest of contractors and customers is concerned, that is also going to be taken care of very well.

  • If there are professionals who are going to intervene in the work related to any product, they're just going to be ready with up-to-date and complete information regarding the structure and that is also going to help them assess the situation in the most positive way.

Get accurate As-Built drawing services for your construction project with our team. We offer Asbuilt plans, Asbuilt conditions, Asbuilt construction, 3D laser scanning, and Scan to BIM services to ensure precise documentation of your building

Our As-built services are NEAR you 

Our As-built services provide detailed documentation of the current condition of your building or structure, including any modifications made during construction. With the latest advancements in laser hardware, BIM, and CAD software, local companies are equipped to provide accurate and efficient as-built services.

Whether you're a developer, large or small corporation, architect, building owner, real estate holding company, or homeowner, as-built services near you can provide the documentation you need to ensure your project meets regulations and is safe for use. These services are essential for aiding in future renovations or repairs and improving asset management by aiding in maintenance and repair planning.

To find as-built services near you, simply search online for "as-built services near me" or check with local architecture, engineering, or construction firms for recommendations. With the help of local as-built services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your project is documented accurately and efficiently. Contact local as-built services today to get started.

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