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How does the "Scan to BIM" help in supercharging the renovation process?

As far as the global economy is concerned, the construction industry has really made its

contribution in a great way, and its growth is estimated to be around 12.9 trillion U.S. dollars by

2022. There have been some outdated processes which are surely holding this particular field

back because of the 35% of the waste of workers due to so many reasons, including

inefficiencies. As far as 3D scanning and Bim are concerned, they help a lot in terms of

connecting the piece of the project of the construction in a very good manner, and below are

the processes which work wonderfully well in the way Scan to Bim works.

The first process includes estimating

The technician who is involved in the project must look at the latest documentation of a particular area which will help in strategizing a technique for capturing a complete digital layout. It is also important to be noticed that the scanner has no capacity of seeing through the ceiling or walls, and at the same time, it can be precise, but its use must be made in a sincere way so that scans can be taken with different angles and heights.

The second process includes scanning a particular site

As far as prior knowledge of the structure is concerned, it is really going to help a technician who is armed with such kind of information for the sake of verifying a particular location, and this is going to take 75% less time as compared to the traditional methods. Not only does this take very little time, but it can also help in getting so much better accuracy in a significant way, and the scanner gets even many new details, and capturing the details also goes up to the millimeter(mm).

The third process includes cloud collaboration and data transferring

Once the scanning work is going to get over, there is going to be a process which will involve a 3D virtual tour because the scan is just going to get processed into it, and then it will help in transferring it to the cloud. For this particular thing, all the stakeholders must make sure that they’re getting accessible and up-to-date as-built documentation. The virtual tour that we are talking about also helps in taking measurements and building phases, and this happens in a remote way in 3D.

The fourth process includes Bim modeling

There’s going to be an environment of AutoCAD, Revit, or other 3D modeling software that supports point cloud data because in this thing, the uploading of cloud data which is coming through the scan is going to happen, and this will allow the drafters to get a perfectly dimensioned template for the sake of making it possible in preparing 3D models. And once the 3D model of a particular site is there, it will allow all the rafters to complete the project taking very less time, and this will give heightened accuracy also.

Final point

As far as renovations are concerned, it is going to be the work of efficiency and productivity, and this must be achieved with maximum standards according to the budget and profits once the project completion is there. As far as bad designs are concerned, they can surely show their snowball effects, and they can give unforeseen costs which will do nothing but impact the bottom line negatively, and they will require more rework and man hours which nobody would like to go through.

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