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How Scan to Bim used in Construction

There has been a huge transformation in the processes of Scan to Bim because of the change in technology and advanced surveying technologies. As far as the ability to capture any particular site or physical space digitally is concerned, it has become quite easier with the help of scanning as far as Scan to Bim Modeling is concerned through which an intelligent 3D model can be prepared without any hassle. It becomes essential for design teams to get to know the process of Scan to Bim because it is design teams who have to use the models of 3D building information modeling to manage, share and coordinate the information of the projects they’re working on for a particular company or a client.

Reshaping of Scan to Bim through technology

If there is a need of capturing a particular existing building, then the process of Scan to Bim is used on projects whenever there is an intention of refurbishment or renovation of that particular existing structure. It is not only used for a building which is already in existence, but it can be used for new build projects as well. Scan to Bim is used so that there can be capturing of the data if any situation occurs in the future before demolition of the structure of a building, so the purpose also goes for keeping the record of the existing situation or environment.

Many surveyors are increasingly using Indoor Mobile Mapping System (IMMS) for various projects which involve floor areas where the speed of the scanning is of great importance. The most important thing in this particular Indoor Mobile Mapping System is about point cloud data which we can also call point cloud Scan to Bim because the mobile mapping system captures deep point cloud data, which is in great detail.

Saving time through Scan to Bim process

Speed is considered the most important element of the process of Scan to Bim because the time which is given in the process of scanning a particular structure or a building is very less and it can save lots of time of the companies which are delivering the services as well as of the clients who are in the great expectation of their projects being completed successfully and accurately.

The way high-resolution photos come out with the help of drones in addition to the photos and capturing of data which take place from mobile and terrestrial scanners is simply amazing. Stitching together of higher-resolution cameras is an added advantage while using software related to Scan to Bim. Photogrammetry is used a lot which can be used for measuring true distances of a particular site.

Photogrammetry is also used to provide a data set for the projects for highly detailed building information modeling at a time. It has also been seen that photogrammetry also helps in generating point cloud, which can cover all the areas of a particular building or a structure which are hard to reach and it can also cover and get the data of the roof of the building as well.

Use of Scan to Bim at present and its Benefits

As far as the design stage is concerned, there can be a kick-off of the use of Scan to Bim

because that’s where Scan to Bim gets to work in an efficient manner. It also depends on the clients and their requirements for using the Scan to Bim process. The old buildings normally suffer from as-built documentation or any misleading or outdated plans, and because of this reason, Scan to Bim is used, which can improve the transparency and the precision of the information related to that particular structure or building.

Not all the owners of the buildings are tech-savvy; hence the need for Scan to Bim is there with great demand by the architects, and there are various clients who want their buildings to be completely scanned to know any kind of hazardous thing in the materials of the building. Analysis of buildings and structures is important because it can give the clients the opportunity to explore the building completely without even having to visit the site physically.

There’s also a benefit of saving the cost that goes into the building through the Scan to Bim process because it's going to be in the process, which will help in maintaining the cost of the clients in a very good manner. Scan to Bim process is cost-effective, and it can also give a good analysis of the data of a building or a structure.

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