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REviT MEP Services

We create our own Revit MEP families for Scan-to-BIM projects

Point cloud to Revit MEP

We create accurate and high-detailed Revit MEP systems from point cloud data under LOD(LOD200 - LOD500) and in accordance with the BIM execution plan. Our Revit MEP services create quality mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems models based on the building model's designated spaces and zones.

We offer Point cloud to Revit MEP modeling services that involve creating a 3D representation of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of a building or plant. Our modeling process includes designing the layout of ductwork, pipes, and other components, as well as modeling equipment such as HVAC systems and electrical panels.

We utilize point cloud data to ensure that our models are accurate and precise, enabling designers and engineers to make informed decisions during the design and construction process. Our resulting Revit MEP models can be used for a variety of purposes, including clash detection, coordination between different trades, construction documentation, and facility management.

We are specialized in accurately transforming Point cloud into a Revit MEP system for a range of clients, including 3D Laser scanning companies, Laser surveyors, Architects, Revit experts, MEP Engineers, BIM Freelancers, etc. We have experienced Revit MEP engineers who are well able to quickly convert Point cloud data to Revit MEP system with proper running pipe duct connections with fitting elements.

We have successfully completed 600+ Revit MEP high-detailed projects from the point cloud data such as Oil-gas, industrial plants, Machines, factories, hospitals, and many more. We create our MEP families for our MEP projects, especially for complex areas.


By creating an accurate and detailed model of a building's MEP systems, we help ensure that the final product meets our client's requirements, is efficient and functional, and can be easily maintained over time

Point cloud to Revit Mep connection

While modeling the pipe connections from the point cloud data, we take care of the precise accuracy which can easily match with the point cloud data and generate good quality output. All the pipe connections are linked with each other correctly, which one can easily see by pressing TAB option and it is helpful for designers, engineers, surveyors, contractors, etc

MEP services of quantity take off to the clients are those services that we provide in a good manner globally, and this thing has really made us one of the most demanding and prominent 3D MEP BIM service providers worldwide. we deliver building data in such a way that helps in construction processes and costing as well.

What We Model

Point Cloud to Machinery

MEP BIM Services

  • Point cloud to Revit MEP conversion​

  • MEP Shop Drawings Creation

  • MEP 2D Drafting Services

  • MEP Fabrication Drawings

  • MEP Coordination Services

  • MEP BIM Modeling Services

  • MEP Content Revit Family Creation

  • 5D Cost Estimation

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