In our BIM modeling services, the price of each project is determined by the scope of work and their requirement. As part of our 3D Revit BIM modeling and 2D AutoCAD drafting services, we offer the following three engagement models to the clients.

Our price structure for Revit BIM modeling services is determined by several factors, including:-

Project size, Shape, Complexity, MEPF, SOW, Type of Building, Level of detailing(LOD100 - LOD500), LOA, manpower, Turn around time, etc.


As we understand the requirements and scope of work, we are able to customize the proposal including-  Timeline, pricing, level of detailing, deliverables, working progress, etc.  

Project Based

More than 60% of clients prefer a pricing structure based on the scope of the project.


​In some cases, client needs quick delivery and this is where we stand in the front for them.


We provide customized space and Team building, including:-

10 to 80+ Manpower

100% Free Autodesk License

80+ High configuration System

Premium office space

100TB+ Free storage

Remote Monitoring

many more...

Have a project in mind?