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Revit Mep Modelling

Point cloud

Revit mep

Point cloud to Revit MEPF

RVTCAD has got teams of experienced Bim experts who are very well able to convert Mep Scan data into the Revit model. They do this thing keeping the coordination in mind among all the disciplines, and they also see to it that they are cost-effective solutions. RVTCAD excels in modeling a 3D model which gives a depiction of placement, routing, etc., of various MEP services such as electrical fittings, plumbing, Fire Protection Services, HVSC  services.

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While modeling the pipe connections from the point cloud data, we take care of the precise accuracy which can easily match with the point cloud data and generate very good output. All the pipe connections are linked with each other correctly, which one can easily see by pressing TAB option and it is helpful for designer, surveyers, engineers, etc

MEP services of quantity take off to the clients are those services that we provide in a very good manner globally, and this thing has really made us one of the most demanding and prominent in the MEP BIM service providers in this country, India. we deliver building data in such a way that helps in construction processes and costing as well.

What We Model:

Point Cloud to Revit
Point Cloud to Revit

Let’s understand the applications of any point cloud modeling which are practical.

There are so many ways in which the Scan to Bim services can be used by the general contractors, MEP contractors because we provide the services in different ways mentioned below:

By using our services, Clients easily can very well sidestep delays by quick and accurate integration of the condition of existing MEP elements which can be done into the design process, and this will surely help a lot in saving lots of time because this work is quick and you can use the services to do the work very fast.


Can also capture the constructed MEP services model by using a point cloud scan for an as-built documentation set which can then be submitted after the completion of the project to either the general contractor or the owner of the project.


If you want to make sure about the impacts of the proposed MEP system which will happen on the MEP elements which are existing, then you can use the BIM model which gets generated from the point cloud, and this will help you know the impacts.


Whatever model is there of MEP which gets generated with the help of point cloud scan, can be powered to finish the targeted services with great safety without even upsetting or disrupting other services which need to be retained for other time.


As-built Bim model can then be utilized as a comprehensive record of the system of MEP as-built condition in the environment which will be called virtual for repairing, maintenance, and management of the facility.

Point Cloud to Machinery
Revit MEP Services
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