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Point cloud to 2d Drafting Services

Point cloud to CAD services

We are decently able to create 2d Floor plans, elevations, sections, etc from Point cloud data into a Dwg format. Our services include Scan to CAD modeling to the clients for AEC industries. The team that we have receives point cloud data in so many different formats such as RCS/RCP, E57, LGS, XYZ, PCG, PTX etc. The designers that we have related to the engineering team go through the analysis of all the points of point cloud files, and then they get an accurate 2D/3D CAD model.

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RVTCAD has been in the service of providing accurate point cloud conversion services for so many years, and it takes the help of laser scan files to give the conversion. We have completed lots of as-built modeling projects with the help of our resources and the experience of our team members to make sure that your laser scan data gets modeled with less cost and time.

Our team is capable enough to translate the as-built data with the help of using software such as AutoCAD, Revit software, and as-built data gets converted into millimeter accurate 3D models. These models are CAD models which come out as a result of using the software.

Cad Shop Drawing Services

Let’s understand the workflow for the services of point cloud conversion


·  There's a use of a laser scanner through which the capturing of data takes place. There are various angles that are used to scan to ensure that no site or area is left uncovered.


·   The team that we have receives this particular point cloud file, and then the work starts for generating a 2d plans with the help of software such as AutoCAD.


·   Models which are accurate are built with the help of using AutoCAD files or Revit files that our team analyzes in the best possible manner.


The demand for point cloud modeling services has been so high these days because it takes very less time, and there is also less chance of error of the measurement of the site. On-site conventional measurement takes a long time for generating the data of structures. Point cloud modeling shows that the time taken for its scanning is very less, and then analysis by the team members who work on the software is very up to date.


There's also the use of laser scanners to capture the real data, and also it takes only some hours if we just compare it with the conventional methods which may take not just some days but so many months as well.


It is also very crucial to understand for the clients that the scan files which are generated through scanning are mainly in point format, and they have no usage as far as their practical application is concerned. Our services include the conversion of point cloud files into other RVT format or DWG format for which the client may ask for, and it will depend on the requirement of the client. Whatever 3D CAD model file which gets generated includes structural, piping, equipments, packages, topography, buildings, etc., and all these things are exactly according to the scan files which are received by the team.

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