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Our expertise in Scan to BIM & 3D Revit modeling services.

We do Scan-to-BIM Revit modeling projects daily, Everyday.
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About Rvtcad Scan to BIM

About Rvtcad- Scan to BIM

In Scan to BIM, we have a rich history of over 1800 successfully completed Point cloud BIM 3D 2D modeling projects precisely, including high-detail Revit MEP up to LOD500, Rvtcad has earned a reputation in the field of Scan to BIM services to leading 3D laser scanning companies, architects, Revit experts, laser surveyors, engineers, property owners, contractors, and BIM Freelancers. We have a strong presence in the process of creating an accurate As-built BIM model by using Point cloud data, generated from 3D laser scanning machines such as Faro, Leica, Matterport, Navvis, Trimble, Geoslam, etc which enables our in-depth experience and specialization in providing end-to-end Scan to BIM services worldwide.

Our expertise in Scan to BIM & 3D Revit modeling services and have years of experience in creating accurate Point cloud to Revit BIM 3D models for as-built purposes as well as for the renovation and refurbishment of any existing building or structure. We provide Scan to BIM services in USA, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Poland, Netherlands, Greece, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Malta, Slovenia  and +30 countries.

We cover Scan-to-3D:  Conversion of Point cloud to Revit, As-built drawings, CAD, 2d, MEP, Oil-Gas, Rail tunnels, Industrial-Plant modeling, Bridges, Train stations, commercial buildings, old historical monuments, as-built drafting, Revit modeling services, and Buildings by using Autodesk, Trimble and  Graphisoft software like AutoCAD, RevitRecap, Archicad, SketchUp, etc.


All the types of the AEC latest technology and various types of BIM software that are available for use in Scan to BIM services such as Autodesk Revit, Autocad, Inventor, 3ds max, Navisworks, Recap, Navvis, and Faro software are there with us, and we use them effectively and efficiently so that the BIM project that we work on get the best of result in terms of BIM services and our 3D digital representation gives accurate and spot-on results. We have years of experience working with all types of 3D laser scan point cloud data that are collected utilizing laser scan machines including Faro scanners, Navvis, Trimble, Leica, Matterport,  Geoslam, and others.

As part of our BIM process, our focus is always on precise accuracy, productivity, and quality, along with enhancement on whichever BIM project we work on for any client. Our aim is to provide excellent services by completing the processes of BIM. We work with point cloud data generated by 3D laser scanners-  Faro, Navvis, Leica(RTC, BLK), Trimble, Matterport, Geoslam, etc.

BIM Services

Our BIM services

Our BIM Services include the possible system of flexibility and interoperability, and it also helps in facilitating customization.  As far as the team of BIM services is concerned, it includes software developers, management consultants, engineers, architects, and designers who help in offering artistic solutions and bringing diverse perspectives.

With Scan to BIM process, we capture any building or structure by using 3D laser scanners and generate point cloud data which is useful for creating accurate 3D models, Floor plans, elevations, and collecting project information which is then utilized for renovation, refurbishment, development, and maintenance. The BIM model includes all the necessary information such as the geometry, architecture, structure, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) systems, and other details.


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Our BIM modeling services include Revit modeling, Scan to BIM Revit, Point cloud to BIM, Point cloud to Revit MEP,  Oil & Gas 3D modeling services,  3D industrial plant modeling, Point cloud to CAD 2D, BIM Architectural Modeling, Architectural and engineering services, Revit family creation, As-built survey, Architectural Drafting Services, MEP Modeling with MEP Detailing(Pipe, duct, fittings, conduit, cable tray, elbows, flanges, etc), Structural Modeling, Steel modeling,  2D AutoCAD drafting, 3D Rendering Services, BIM Clash Detection Services, BIM Coordination services, CAD to BIM Services, Electrical Design Services, Construction modeling, BIM for Facility Management, Accurate Shop Drawings, 2D to 3D conversion services, 4D BIM modeling,  As-built Drawings and drafting services and many more.

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We Accuratelconvert 
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We convert point cloud to required Format

As working in the Scan to BIM industry we well know most of the clients prefer 3D models in another format for their purpose like renovation, machine modeling, information, dimensions, visualizations, simulations, property space testing, animations, rendering, etc and we are strongly able to produce Point cloud data (3d laser scanning) to other formats like RVT, DWG, STEP, STP, IFC, SAT, FBX, STL, DWF, NWC, NWD, OBJ, DGN, PLN, PLA, DXF, IGES, IGS and many more depending on the client's requirement. The CAD(Computer-Aided-Design) software that we use is Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, Unity, Recap, Faro, Lecia, Archicad, etc.

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