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Scan to Bim: The things that you need to know about this method for any existing structure

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

If the usage of digital and Bim models are adopted in the sector, which we can call as a new- build sector, then their usage in rehabilitation and renovation projects or for any other things such as maintenance issues and their usage in buildings is not going to be an easy task. It is important to, first of all, follow the first procedure of capturing the reality, which is going to happen only through the laser scanner technology and then only after that the work to model that particular scanning into a digital mockup will be proceeded.

Why is there usage of 3D scanners in the process?

If we compare the traditional method with the modern one which is full of technology, then we can say that it is going to be five times faster than the traditional way because today the 3D scanners are just nothing but the optimal point of entry for creating any models which will be digital for a particular building or a structure.

A particular scanner projects a laser in all the directions, whether the scanner happens to be mobile or stationary, it is able to detect the distances of each wall, or it can even cover the difficult-to-reach corners of a particular structure or a site. There are several models of 3D scanners which exist starting from the range of €15,000 and going up to the range of €80,000 as well.

There is a possibility of numerous deliverables with the help of all scanner models such as mockups or digital plans along with calculations. As far as any particular laser scanner is concerned, with the help of it, the model gets represented in an excellent way for getting a foundation for any legal or technical studies of a structure or a site.

Any Bim model which is made from a 3D laser scanner building diagnostics is just going to be growing more and more and is going to be more accessible now as it's a technology-related, thing. Therefore, the professionals who are in the field of construction are well equipped with the latest technological scanners.

Scan to Bim Services

Steps to be followed for a successful scan

There are some steps that need to be kept in mind if you want to scan your property or a site for the purpose of creating a digital model. You must think about either renting a scanner or purchasing it, or you can also go through a particular surveyor who may be a provider of this scanner, or you can also go through any scanning company so that you may get the help of that company for the purpose of scanning your site.

As far as the scan is concerned, it can be done in any type of infrastructure whether the

infrastructure is empty or not, it doesn’t matter, but the time taken to scan a particular site can be either lower or higher depending upon the size of the location.

Point clouds come as a result of site survey because it generates them and these point clouds are basically 3-dimensional georeferenced coordination points. Then the process of or the step of merging these point clouds takes place in a particular single file which must be transferred or reprocessed manually with the help of CAD software for the creation of a 3D model.

Scan to Bim Services

Limitations of scanner survey and its solutions

As far as the main limitations of a scanner survey are concerned, the first limitation is about the cost because its cost is still significantly high in spite of the fact that there has been a continuous decrease in its cost.

Leasing the scanner is going to be one of the options that you can willingly internalize. It is important to know that the result of any scanning gets represented through point cloud, which can contain thousands or millions of data points that are used for greater analysis by the experts in a particular team in the construction field.

The type of structure or a building can increase or decrease the file size because, for instance, if we talk about a 12,000 square meter building, then it can take 120 GB of the point cloud, and the point cloud of this size can be very slow on CAD software which will have the requirement of a particular computer or a laptop with high processing capabilities. So while using the methods of scanners, it is important to know all these limitations to work on.