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Revolutionizing Renovation Projects Through Scan to Bim

The industry experts who are in the field of Scan to Bim have really lauded this process of Scan to Bim as it’s been proved to be a gold standard for models rated to 3-dimensional models. It is expected to reach 8.8 billion US dollars by 2025 as far as Bim market size is concerned. The 3D modeling services are going on in huge demand in the market though it's a different thing that the market has been hit very hard by the pandemic of coronavirus, but soon it is expected to recover.

This Scan to Bim has given profits to various companies around the world, whether the

companies belong to the United States of America or Canada or Mexico, or any other country for that matter. Now let’s know many more things about this Scan to Bim to understand it in a much better way through the benefits related to this field.

What really is Scan to Bim ?

This is a process which is known as 3D laser scanning because in Scan to Bim, this particular 3D laser scanning creates a point cloud map of any building or structure which can be used for highly detailed and precise 3D models. There is also a use of a 3D laser scanner in the process, and parameters are kept in the scanner's screen interface before the process of scanning. As soon as the laser hits any object or material, the position is recorded, and it is called a point.

When there are enough points, a 3D digital image is created, and we also call a great collection of these points as a point cloud. As far as the scan’s resolution is concerned, it depends on the number of points that have been collected, and it is also true that the more points there are, there is a higher chance of greater accuracy.

Architectural Services

What are the uses of point cloud modeling for the renovation ?

There have been so many uses of point cloud modeling for renovation, and there are major challenges which come in the renovation, and those challenges include time, resource drains, cost, and avoiding damage to any complicated or historical buildings or structures. Now let us move on to the seven main uses of point cloud modeling, which will help us understand point cloud modeling in a much better way:

1. Point cloud modeling has great use for the production of comprehensive building

2. As far as facility management is concerned, there’s a use of point cloud for plant and

space management.

3. With the help of the point cloud, we can have instant procurement of existing room


4. And we can also review addition and alteration plans.

5. Point cloud modeling also helps us conduct aspects of audit or server related to energy efficiency.

6. If we talk about as-built systems, the point cloud may help in its confirmation which gets valued against LOD400, which is a digital fabrication building information model.

7. Point cloud also helps in the creation of virtual fly-throughs of all the buildings and

structures which are in existence.

Uses of technology and key benefits of Scan to Bim

As far as the uses of technology are concerned, laser scanning is there in the center of this Scan to Bim because it is the main point for the process of Scan to Bim as it encompasses survey tool, laser scanning, processing, and various other things. For getting a Bim model ready, scanning comes and plays as a fundamental thing for various other key advantages of Scan to Bim.

If we talk about the key benefits of Scan to Bim, then the benefits include great estimation accuracy, design risk reduction, health and safety standards, spatial analysis, visualization capabilities, operational efficiencies, which come as real-time updates for the model which is prepared through the scanning in the process of Scan to Bim.

The benefits of Scan to Bim do not remain limited to all the things mentioned above, but the benefits also include better off-site fabrication, reduction of visit time to the site, increased project accessibility, cost-effective services.

How does RVTCAD help in giving services of Scan to Bim ?

When you are looking for cost-effective services related to Scan to BIM, our service is there at your door, and you can always feel free to contact it to serve you with the best of our teams who are experts in the field of Scan to Bim. There are drafters with us who have been working for years, and they have had a great experience in using the technology which has become advanced in the field of Scan to Bim to give accurate and detailed data of any structure or building. We do not just serve locally but at an international level also, and the clients that we serve always get the best of results which we never forget to ensure while we are in the process of any project in our hand.

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