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Scan to BIM services

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Scan to BIM services

Scan to BIM: Performs with Revit, AutoCAD and ArchiCAD to Precisely Generating 3D BIM  and 2D CAD Drawings for analysis and Documentation.

We specialize in Scan to BIM and 3D laser scanning services to create accurate 3D BIM and 2D CAD drawings using Autodesk software like Revit, AutoCAD, Recap, ArchiCAD, sketchup etc. Scan to BIM is a process that refers to documenting existing buildings or any structures in order to use a digital planning method called Building Information Modeling (BIM) and we have got qualified & experienced staff that actually leverage various tools related to Scan to BIM for the sake of converting laser scanning Point Cloud data into a detailed 3D model. We offer Scan to BIM solutions across a range of locations, including the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Switcherland, Netherlands, and over 30 other countries worldwide.


We have the BIM expertise and specialized in handling various types of point cloud data obtained through 3D laser scanning machines. like Faro scanners, Trimble, Navvis, Matterport, Leica, Geoslam, Hexagon, etc. We can gather and organize millions of data points, and we also collect relevant site images to create 3D models. Our 3D models are not ordinary Bim models, but they are detailed and cater to complex projects like expansion, phased retrofitting, and restoration of heritage buildings.

The process of this scan to Bim involves the conversion of point cloud data into an intelligent real-time 3D model, and as far as point cloud data is concerned, it can be captured for any physical space which will be available at a particular location. The data which comes out as a result of capturing is utilized for various purposes such as repairing, retrofitting, designing, and renovation as well. We have got great experience working with  Autodesk software like Revit, AutoCAD, Recap, 3ds max, inventor, etc.

In the Scan to BIM process, various formats such as RCS, RCP, E57, LGS, and XYZ are used for point cloud data to facilitate integration with BIM. This method involves gathering a multitude of small data points, collectively termed a point cloud, within a 3D coordinate system. These points represent the external surfaces of structures, including buildings, stadiums, airports, steel structures, churches, etc. The comprehensive nature of the scanning process, which meticulously captures 3D scanned data from every XYZ angle, eliminates the need for multiple site visits to acquire scanning data. Additionally, this 3D laser scan data is invaluable not only for precisely collecting information but also for renovation, refurbishment, and documenting as-built conditions.

How do we work with Point cloud and Scan to BIM?

How do we work on Point cloud Scan to BIM model?

We are equipped with a team of BIM experts, who possess vast expertise in  Scan to BIM modeling services. Our team comprises individuals who have strong experience in Revit and AutoCAD software. Through their dedication and hard work, they have successfully created numerous BIM models, and they successfully create various BIM models with the help of point cloud data.

  • Our experienced BIM experts create 3D Revit (.rvt) and 2D CAD (.dwg) files from various laser scans point cloud data( in form of rcp, rcs, e57, POD, XYZ, pts) captured using laser scan devices such as Faro Scanners, Leica,  Trimble, Geoslam, Navvis, and others.

  • Follow up client's scope of work and ascertain their preferred level of development (LOD100 to LOD500) for their 3D and 2D models, as it is crucial to ensure that we meet their exact requirements and deliver exceptional service.

  • Set up the Point cloud and Revit file and start Team collaboration.

  • With the option of team collaboration in Revit, our BIM team quickly converts any point cloud to a 3D model within a timeline. 

  • Develop an information-rich BIM 3D Model to ensure seamless integration of architectural, structural, and MEP services.

As built drawing for renovation abd BIM modeling Revit.webp

Benefits of Scan to BIM services

Scan to BIM Revit Point cloud to BIM_CAD Autocad Rvtcad Revit Scan to BIM _MEP BIM pipe mo

Benefits of Scan to  BIM and Point cloud to BIM services as​​

  • 90% Save  time of laser surveyor, Architects, BIM Engineer, 3D Modeler, and property owner as well.

  • Reduced rework and accelerated productivity.

  • With scan to BIM point cloud process, generates accurate & high-quality 3D models of buildings or any structures.

  • Compare construction stages through scan to BIM 3D model.

  • With the 3d laser scanning point cloud process, better coordination between new designs and old designs.

  • With 3D model, helps to save the Cost and 80% reduce error during the renovation, production, material cost estimation, calculation, repairing maintenance, etc. 

  • Collaboration easily among various teams of architects, engineers, contractors, and end-users for giving the services related to Scan to BIM and point cloud to Bim.

A more effective, accurate, and thorough way to build a 3D model into which important data can be registered is provided by 3D scanning devices. Scan to BIM process can improve the quality and efficiency of design and construction processes, resulting in better outcomes for everyone involved in the project. Here are numerous benefits to the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industry:

Benefits of Scan to BIM services

There are various sectors nowadays which have been using the system of Scan to BIM model and the people who use these services are mostly architects, Building contractors, interior designers, surveyors, engineers, and retailers from the construction field. There are consulting engineers, MEP designers, and MEP contractors who also use point cloud scan to BIM. We offer BIM coordinating services for home additions, renovations, repairing, collecting information, rendering, gaming, animation, refurbishments, etc. Building maintenance, security, and facility management are made possible by 3D BIM models at LOD 100 to 500, which serve the architectural, structural, and MEP industries. We accurately translate point cloud data to 3D models by using Autodesk and Graphisoft software such as ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, recap, 3ds max, and many more

The primary advantage of using Scan to Bim is knowing its proficiency to help in the analysis of the differences between the model geometry and point cloud, which can be done by creating native Revit geometry with the help of point cloud.

scan to BIM revit conversion

Why Scan to BIM is used?

Scan to BIM (Building Information Modeling) is used to create accurate 3D models of existing buildings and infrastructure. It involves using 3D laser scanners or other advanced surveying techniques to capture detailed measurements and images of a building or structure and then using specialized BIM CAD software to convert that Point cloud data into a precise and detailed 3D model.


Scan to BIM is used in many industries, including architecture, engineering, construction, and facility management. Some of the main reasons why it is used include:-

  • Accuracy: Scan to BIM provides highly accurate and precise 3D models of existing buildings and infrastructure. This level of accuracy is difficult to achieve with traditional surveying methods.

  • Efficiency: Scan to BIM can be completed quickly and efficiently, allowing for faster project timelines and reduced costs.

  • Visualization: The 3D models generated by Scan to BIM provide a detailed and realistic visualization of the building or structure, which can be useful for design, planning, and communication purposes.

  • Collaboration: Scan to BIM facilitates collaboration between different teams and stakeholders involved in a project, as everyone can access and work with the same 3D model.

  • Maintenance and management: Scan to BIM can also be used for ongoing maintenance and management of buildings and infrastructure, as the 3D model can be updated as changes are made over time.

Why Scan to BIM is used

What We Create

Why Should you opt us for Scan to BIM modeling services

Why Should you opt us for "Scan to BIM" modeling services?

improved decision-making during the development of the building design.

The as-built services that we are able to deliver are great as they are delivered by professional land surveyors, licensed architects, experienced Revit modelers, and certified scan technicians that we have on our team to work.


The as-built environment is what is expected the most as far as point cloud data usage is concerned, so we are very much capable of using point cloud data to recreate the as-built environment.

Informed decisions are made very quickly as the team that we have are specialists in making decisions with the accurate and complete results which we give through the scanning.

We make sure that clients' expectations are met completely, and because of that, the experienced professionals that we have are experts in the field of 3D scanning, and they are able to very well interpret and capture the data accurately and in a quite comfortable situation.

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