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Revit MEP Pipe duct, conduit from Point cloud, Scant to BIM.webp


point cloud to bim
Revit window and Door created in Revit software.

In Detail

Our Best

LOD100 to LOD500 complex Scan to BIM project we have managed successfully those types of 3D models are highly accurate in terms of quality and structure.

Rvtcad is emerging as the worldwide partner for Bim services. We excelled in the field of Scan to BIM modeling, having footprints in every continent, and experience with All 3D Laser scanning data sets as- Faro, Navvis, Trimble, Matterport, Leica, Geoslam, and Hexagon.

We have a successful track record of completing more than 250+ Scan to Bim complex projects every year for different clients that come from the USA, UK, Europe,  Australia, and India.

There are various significant projects on which we have got a great showcase, and we make sure that the result comes out of the projects that we deliver to the clients at the right time. Let's look at some of the important projects that we've handled, and we are always ready to accept such projects from clients around the world:

Scan to CAD 3d model
  • Working with 23+ Countries in the conversion of the Scan to Bim project.

  • We’ve managed to do and deliver the services of Bim-MEPF services,                                                                                                 and for that, we used Revit software and create our own families.

  • We have done many commercial projects of 2D documentation.

  • We've also got ourselves involved in projects related to rail, and tunnels and we used Bim implementation for such type of projects.

  • For multi-specialty hospitals, we have used as-built modeling, and we have done it as well in a great way.

Here are some showcases of our Scan to BIM projects:-

building 3d modeling from Point cloud data and Revit software
Building 3d and BIM model
Point cloud on Top 3d building in Bottom
Four 3d buildings created in revit software by using scan to BIM services.
3d Revit model on Top and Point cloud on Bottom
revit church 3d model created from Point cloud data
3d Gothic railing in Revit model
3d Arc roof in Revit model
Gothic window created in Revit by using point cloud data.
Mep modeling in Revit software
machine modeling in Revit
industrial plant modeling in autodesk software like Revit
3d model of pipe, duct, fittings, elbow in Revit sofware by using Scan to BIM services.
3d tank in revit software
Revit pipe connections
Scan to BIM model and 3d Revit services
3d interior of hotel created by using revit software
3d Revit house in front, point cloud data back
3d interior of hotel, Beam, column.
USA 3d building model created in Revit and point cloud data
Revit gothic window design from point cloud data
3d Revit section of house in UK
bridge modeling in Revit by point cloud data, Scan to BIM
3d bridge modeling in Revit
Topography modeling from point cloud data
3d bridge model in USA


RVTCAD has got great global footprint because many clients choose this particular project partner for the services of building information modeling.

It’s been a great thing for us to have in our collection projects of various types ranging from urban infrastructure and field developments and projects related to metro rail as well as cities from western India. Our services are very customized, and we make sure that the client's requirements are fulfilled for their high satisfaction level.

The services that we provide encompass architectural Bim services, MEPF modeling and coordination, 3D As-built drawings 3D BIM modeling, clash detection and resolution, structural modeling services, Revit family creation, extracting shop drawings from Bim model, Bim coordination, Bim and cloud, and Scan to Bim services, etc.

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