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Rvtcad has been offering BIM coordinating services for a range of construction projects, including those that are residential, commercial, industrial, hotel, and educational in nature. We recognize how crucial BIM coordination is to a project's success, and our team of qualified BIM specialists has the knowledge and practical experience needed to manage BIM coordination projects of any size and complexity.

As part of our BIM coordination process for VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) projects, we conduct online BIM coordination meetings as well as several important processes like constructability evaluation, clash detection, and report production. For your project, we'll produce a 3D BIM model that is perfectly coordinated and free of clashes using cutting-edge platforms like Autodesk Revit and Navisworks.

Constructability evaluation, the first step in the BIM coordination process, examines the design and construction of the structure to find any potential problems that might occur during construction. Once any clashes or conflicts between various design elements, such as in Revit MEP, structural components, and architectural components, have been found, our team of professionals uses the most recent BIM coordination software to resolve them.

A key component of the building construction process is multi-disciplinary BIM coordination, which enables the collaboration of MEPF Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection), Structural Engineering, and Architectural BIM models into a single coordinated model through a digital construction process. Through resource optimization and material waste reduction, the main objectives of BIM coordination and clash detection are to streamline the building supply chain and lower total project costs.

After the clash detection procedure is finished, we produce in-depth reports that describe the problems found and recommended fixes. The stakeholders and our staff then have online BIM coordination meetings to go over any difficulties and find solutions.

At Rvtcad, we are aware of how crucial it is for the BIM project to be finished on schedule, we collaborate closely with the project team to make sure that the BIM coordination process is finished by the deadline. Our team of BIM specialists is dedicated to providing top-notch BIM coordination services that assist in streamlining the construction supply chain, lowering overall project costs, and ensuring the project's success.

To sum up, BIM coordination is a crucial part of the building construction process that contributes to project success by optimizing the building supply chain and lowering overall project costs. Rvtcad has a wealth of experience in delivering BIM coordination services for a range of construction projects, and our team of qualified BIM professionals is dedicated to provide top-notch BIM services that contribute to the project's success.

Traditional Wooden House

Additional benefits of using BIM coordination services include:

  • Improved communication and collaboration between project stakeholders

  • Reduced rework and potential errors due to improved coordination

  • Greater accuracy in cost estimates and scheduling

  • Enhanced safety during construction due to early identification of potential hazards

  • Increased ability to simulate and analyze different design options

  • Improved facility management and maintenance after construction.

We Provide BIM Coordination Services as Follows

We recognize the value of precise and effective collaboration throughout the building process. We provide thorough BIM coordination services, including in-depth clash reports that cover both soft and hard collisions, as a result. Our reports give a clear knowledge of any BIM model problems and aid in ensuring that the finished product is of the highest calibre and complies with all requirements. For all stakeholders, including Revit MEP engineers, architects, general contractors, designers, and building owners, we are able to deliver accurate and comprehensive conflict reports since our team of skilled individuals is knowledgeable in MEP engineering, architecture, and construction.

BIM Clash Detection

BIM modeling Coordination

Coordination Drawings

Clash Report Generation

Detection of BIM Clashes and Production of Clash Reports

Clash detection in 3D BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an essential step in the building process. Before construction starts, addressing conflicts in the BIM model can save time, money, and resources. All collision kinds, including hard, soft, and process clashes, can be found using our clash detection services. We can identify and address problems between the BIM models of various trades using our interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary approach. Your building project could save a lot of money, time, and resources if you use our services..

How do we relate Point cloud modeling Clash detection?

Coordination of BIM (Building Information Modeling) using point cloud data entails the creation of a detailed digital model from 3D laser scanning point cloud data of a building or structure. The point cloud data is then incorporated into the BIM model to guarantee that all data is correct and current. As opposed to solely relying on design papers, point cloud data allows the BIM model to accurately represent the building's as-built state. This can help with current construction projects as well as upcoming maintenance and repair jobs by increasing the accuracy and efficiency of the construction process. Additionally, BIM Coordination with point cloud data can help in clash identification and resolution to anticipate possible difficulties before building begins, minimizing time and costs.

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